Why should you pay for a quality website?

quality website

Building a quality website for your company costs money, but it also serves as the face of your company to all of the world.

As a web developer, I have always been curious about how incredibly difficult it is to convince a business owner the value of a quality website. Why should a startup have to pay for a quality website? There are plenty of reasons, but for some reason it is difficult to convince many business owners of the value (and cost) of high quality websites.

I get it, I really do. Many of the companies I work with have been ripped off by developers in the past. The stories I hear vary, but the gist is the same: They finish a website for the business, and then disappear before handing over the domain and files making updates difficult to impossible to manage. Or they make promises that they will get you listed #1 on google search, but fail to deliver. Or they build a great CMS site, but they never show you or your employees how to make updates and you are way to busy to figure it out.

I am sure the shear amount of small businesses frustrated with their web developers is astounding, but that doesn’t negate the fact that there is a cost involved in representing your company with a quality website online. My best advice, if you are shopping for a website is to take the time to do your research- what should a site like your company’s cost (if it sounds to good to be true, well you know…)? what is the reputation of your web developer (talk to some previous clients)? understand what the deliverables should be (will you get a zip file of the final site files and make sure that the site is launched on a server you pay for)?

Quality websites don’t have to cost an arm and a leg, but they should be cost-valued based on the fact that they are the “face” of your company online. The article below touches on a few reasons to pony up and pay for a website that is high quality, fully capable, and represents the high standards of your company.

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Stop Being Such a Tight Wad. Invest In a Great Website.
Spending money on a beautifully designed, fully capable website is no longer a luxury if you’re looking to launch or grow any ecommerce business in 2015.

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