What’s more romantic than 3D printed dinner?

3D printed dinner

3D printed dinner

I promise this is my last 3D printing article (for a little while anyway). This popped up on @ClemsonGC and I think it is brilliant, 3D printed dinner! We definitely should have one in Godfrey that prints us snacks! No more traditional snack machine, just a food-grade 3D printer to print up those Godfrey goodies!

The hype over 3-D printing intensifies by the day. Will it save the world? Will it bring on the apocalypse, with millions manufacturing their own AK-47s? Or is it all an absurd hubbub about a machine that spits out chintzy plastic trinkets? I decided to investigate. My plan: I would immerse myself in the world of 3-D printing. I would live for a week using nothing but 3-D-printed objects — toothbrushes, furniture, bicycles, vitamin pills — in order to judge the technology’s potential and pitfalls.

I approached Hod Lipson, a Cornell engineering professor and one of the nation’s top 3-D printing experts, with my idea. He thought it sounded like a great project. It would cost me a mere $50,000 or so.

Unless I was going to 3-D print counterfeit Fabergé eggs for the black market, I’d need a Plan B.

Which is how I settled on the idea of creating a 3-D-printed meal. I’d make 3-D-printed plates, forks, place mats, napkin rings, candlesticks — and, of course, 3-D-printed food. Yes, cuisine can be 3-D printed, too. And, in fact, Mr. Lipson thinks food might be this technology’s killer app. (More on that later.)

I wanted to serve the meal to my wife as the ultimate high-tech romantic dinner date. A friend suggested that, to finish the evening off, we hire a Manhattan-based company that scans and makes 3-D replicas of your private parts. That’s where I drew the line.

As it turned out, the dinner was perhaps the most labor-intensive meal in history. But it did give me a taste of the future, in both its utopian and dystopian aspects.

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Will 3-D printing save the world? Bring in the apocalypse? Or is it just a gadget that spits out cheap plastic trinkets? An investigation.

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