What is Your Calling Card? Create a Sleek Vertical Business Card in InDesign

Create a unique business card in indesign

There are plenty of ways to impress and make introductions online, but business cards are still very important, and regardless of whatever nascent technology lies ahead, a compelling, tangible business card will always play a key role in attracting new clients. A unique and appealing business card design can help you stand out from the crowd and demonstrate your value and talents in real, tangible terms. One way to make your business card intriguing and different is designing a vertical business card instead of the usual, expected horizontal equivalent.

So, today,we are going to create an appealing vertical business card in InDesign. We will use some useful techniques, tools, and tricks to get this done. Let’s get stated.

Step 1
Open InDesign and click on “File” > “New” > “Document,” with the number of pages set at 2. Uncheck the Facing pages. You can use the size that your printer prefers; I’m going to set the width to 2in and the height to 3.5in with margins of 0.5in and a bleed 0.125in.

Get the files and continue the tutorial here: Create a Sleek Vertical Business Card in InDesign – DesignFestival.