Web development community: Many thanks

A thank you to the web development community

A thank you to the web development community

Interesting article on community from +Chris Coyier and the perspective of web development community. At Front End Conference in 2014, Alex Horne and I gave a presentation on web community and web education. I think this article adds a lot to that conversation.

It is now over a year since that talk and I find that many of my original thoughts on the convergence of community and education in the web sphere are still the same. I know that I, as an educator, rely heavily on the web community to help me successfully teach my students about designing and developing websites. I especially look towards the online web community to stay informed about where the industry is moving and how best to prepare tomorrow’s developers. 

I’ve also found that it has been helpful not to just be a casual observer and user of the community resources, but to actually participate in it. This is something that I struggled to get started in, but have enjoyed building relationships with people out in the web industry at conferences and on twitter. I’ve even been amazed at the enthusiasm and willingness for practitioners to participate with my students as guests in my courses.

Overall, I come back to the fact that the web development community is a true community. I appreciate all the content that is published from how-to’s to recommendations of books both on blogs, codepen.io, and twitter. Without such a generous, sharing attitude, it would be way more difficult for me to share my love of web with my students in a way that will hopefully prepare them to be active members and contributors to this community after graduation.

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