The difference between being a boss and being a leader

Exploring the difference between being a boss and being a leader (in my favorite format, an infographic!)

Infographic on being a leader

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Being a leader is not as simple as just wearing a title or having great ideas. There is so much nuance to the process of leading other people to do their best work. Each of your employees have certain skills and for the company to do it’s best work, these talents need to be encouraged, developed, and appreciated. 

There are many styles of being a leader. We may think of a drill sergeant leader who just demands that his or her employees do as they are told “just because.” Or maybe you think of an inspirational leader that can get thousands of people to follow him or her to the ends of the earth with charisma.

In #GCBiz, the entrepreneurship course I teach each summer at Clemson, leadership is one of the traits that we spend time exploring. There is a pretty interesting online quiz that we use to identify our leadership style. The infographic created by explores the idea of emotional intelligence as a key to successfully being a leader- enjoy exploring the difference between being a boss and being a leader!

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How to Become an Inspirational Leader (Infographic)
Successful leaders are often whip smart and charismatic, sure. But what they need more than anything else is emotional intelligence.

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