The 3rd Industrial Revolution

Have you ever thought about the possibility of a 3rd industrial revolution? Now for a bit of history.

The 1st industrial revolution started in the mid-1700s when people moved from hand production of products to machine production. Imagine making each individual shirt or pair of socks, one by one by one. It would definitely be an incredible boost to productivity to be able to use machines to produce multiple shirts simultaneously. The 1st industrial revolution was based new iron production processes, improved use of water power and steam power, and the change from wood to coal as a source of energy.

The 2nd industrial revolution began in the mid-1800s and was brought into being mostly because of increased use of steel in the manufacturing process. This revolution lead to some of the largest companies of the 20th century including U.S. SteelGeneral ElectricStandard Oil, and of course the beginning of the automobile industry giants. To get a brief overview, read more about these revolutions here: and here:

So, it has now been almost a century since the 2nd industrial revolution wrapped up, isn’t it time for a new way of looking at manufacturing? Local Motors is already beginning to spread what could be the start of the 3rd industrial revolution. They have two facilities (and growing) where they encourage micro-manufacturing and co-creation.

Picture a new design for a car that has the input of not just a team of 12 engineers from a single company, but instead considers input from hundreds of people including engineers artists, designers, additive printers, and enthusiasts from around the world. You wouldn’t expect that car to be another Honda Accord would you? Local Motors is doing exactly this. With the input and occasionally well-entered contest, they are taking ideas from the best and brightest and co-creating new products. Then, using full time employees and other local enthusiast volunteers at their micro-manufacturing facility, they are producing these products using additive printing (aka 3D printing).

No doubt about it, this is a new and different open-sourced world and Local Motors is intending to leverage that advantage to produce amazing new consumer products. I know I want a 3D printed car! How about you?

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