Jumping in to Google+ (and getting the most out of it)

google+ red logoI completely understand, getting on Google+ the first time can be a little overwhelming, especially when it is a requirement for a class. But, G+ is not a traditional social media network and can become a great resource for many reasons. One of the most important things to keep in mind is that Google gives some priority in indexing a site that uses it’s network to post. In other words, it can benefit your site’s SEO to become actively engaged in sharing content on Google+.

Below is a huge collection of links for Google+ that can help you whether you are a first time user or an old hat at plussing. There are even more links on the original post, which can be found here-View post on Google+. So explore the resources below and then jump into Google+ to see what you can find!

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How To Google And Google Plus
First, Take a Tour of Google+ -> goo.gl/5WTMTP

I. 50 Google+ Tips
50. Create A Killer Hovercard: goo.gl/ifDhJW
49. Sharing to Circles vs. Publicly: goo.gl/1qr0YO
48. Google+ Communities: goo.gl/NC21Ly
47. Share Your G+ Posts on Other SM : goo.gl/QeefiD
46. Report Issues With G+ or Suggest Ideas: goo.gl/FywX2c
45. Create A “Save For Later” Circle: goo.gl/PmBRWf
44. Add A Large Image To Your Post: goo.gl/lVr3yj
43. The Various G+ Keyboard Shortcuts : goo.gl/7BaxMs
42. Share Someone Else’s G+ Post : goo.gl/DYJo3U
41. Create A Mini Blog on G+: goo.gl/zEVIOM
40. Host A Google+ Hangout: goo.gl/2P0n0Q


Google+ Boosts Executive Careers

Social media is one of the most powerful new tools for CEOs and other executives. It helps you understand customers, markets, and the competition.

It can make you better at what you do.

Few executives use social media, but they should. This is especially true for Google Plus—and I’ll tell you why.
In addition to your company using social media for all the reasons companies do, you should consider personally using social media as an opportunity for advancement and real-time market research.

Each major social network tends to excel at different kinds of interaction:

Facebook gets a lot of attention because it’s not only the biggest social network, it’s also the best place to connect with people you already know. That’s great, but chit-chatting with Aunt Mildred isn’t going to make you better at your profession.

Twitter gets a lot of attention because it’s celebrity-friendly. It’s so easy to toss off a quick factoid, observation or link; and enables users to follow a large number of brands and people. Twitter is fun, but following Justin Bieber isn’t going to alert you to new market opportunities.

Google+ is the best site, however, for talking about ideas: an emphasis that has less mass-market appeal, but more relevance to someone like you who wants to have meaningful discussions about your professional interests. Continue…