@ClemsonGC, are you tired of explaining color?

Couldn’t resist reposting this infographic on #color. As many GC majors before have complained, sometimes it is just really difficult to explain what we do and why we do it and this is definitely true when discussing color. My son was 4 when I was in the GC program and he came home from elementary school one day and told me that they were teaching the wrong colors in class. Growing up hearing “GC speak” he was familiar with additive and subtractive colors and how they work to create the spectrum.

color infographic

Enjoy this infographic explaining color from a designer and printer’s perspective

Well, if you have ever gotten odd looks in the grocery store as you look at packaging to see if they printed in process or spot or ever had a hard time explaining the difference between the two and when you should use one over the other, this infographic is the perfect tool for you! Continue…

3D printing demo by Type A Machines

Explore 3D printing through this video demo with Robert Scobel and Type A Machines.

Learn more about Type A Machines at http://www.typeamachines.com/

The maker world has never been hotter and listening to Type A Machines CEO Kevin Rowney gets you into this manufacturing revolution. Watch the video here:

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