ClemsonGC December grads fly the coop

Onward and upward…. Another class of ClemsonGC grads walks across the stage.

Graphic Communications attracts a wide variety of students at Clemson University. Sometimes students in the department have a real interest in mechanical engineering and those students love working on the different printing presses. Other students have a strong sense for visual design and take the opportunity to build an impressive visual resume of their class projects. Others lean towards entrepreneurship and business interests with an eye towards sales, management, or ownership some day. Still others focus on highly technical aspects of the industry such as color management or packaging solutions. Recently, we’ve even had students express an interest in web design and development with an eye towards web-to-print and online marketing materials. Continue…

Congratulations to our @ClemsonGC December graduates!

@ClemsonGC graduates of December 2013

Congrats to the @ClemsonGC graduates of December 2013

We are so proud of our @ClemsonGC graduates of December 2013! Great work throughout your time in Godfrey with us and we can’t wait to see how you revolutionize the Graphic Communications industries in the coming years. We know you’ll go out and do great things!

Please be sure and keep in touch with us on social media to let us know how you are doing. We’d love for you to plan on coming back to visit each Homecoming. for our Godfrey Homecoming Tailgate.