The history of film editing

I’ll admit, I love infographics and I definitely love great film. So today I wanted to share an infographic made by Adobe that shows the history of film editing. There is no doubt of the importance of editing as a tool for telling a story through film. Although it is sometimes considered “the invisible art” (because it is only noticeable when it is done poorly), good editing is an art-form and the final step to forming the film in the vision of the director and other artists involved in production.

This infographic on the history of editing shares some facts you probably already knew and some that are new. For instance, you probably new that film editing was done with splices (cuts) and tape, but did you know that was the way all films were edited until the 1960s? This infographic also shows the evolution of linear into nonlinear editing which was introduced in the early 1970s.

history of film editing


Styletiles tool to communicate with clients

One of the most difficult jobs of a web designer is to accurately communicate with clients. Some clients have a very good idea of what they want their website to look and feel like, but have difficulty communicating their vision. Then there are clients that hand all the creative decisions over to the designer, but then can’t figure out what they don’t like about the mock-ups of the proposed design. Either way, as web designers, we need to come up with quick, easy ways to get our ideas down in a way that visually communicates the website design to a client in a clear way.

Style tiles are a way to create style guides for a website prior to building it.

Style tiles are a way to create style guides for a website prior to building it.


There are many tools out there for this purpose, but lately, I’ve been interested in the process of using style guide, especially on team-based projects. One tool that serves this purpose is”A Style Tile is a design deliverable consisting of fonts, colors and interface elements that communicates the evolution of a visual brand for the web.”  Continue…

Illustrator artwork by Jonathan Balcombe

Clemson House by Jonathan Balcombe

Illustrator artwork of Clemson landmarks created by Jonathan Balcombe, ClemsonGC student, class of 2015

Jonathan Balcombe (Class of 2015) may have found the perfect fit when he took an internship at Creative Services at Clemson University, but what he ended up creating while working there came as a surprise to everyone involved. After completing his first assignment, Jonathan returned to his desk to await the next instructions. While waiting, he began to create illustrator artwork of his favorite animal in Adobe Illustrator using the paint brush tool, a raccoon. Continue…

#frontendconf 2014

As we get close to the next Front End Design Conference in St. Petersburg, I wanted to share some photographs taken of ClemsonGC students at last years conference, 2014. This year the conference will be run by UnmatchedStyle and I am very excited to see what changes and what stays the same. This is a great conference and a vibrant web development community and well worth the trip!

+Clemson Graphics enjoyed #frontendconf  in St. Petersburg Florida this week. Watch for a blog post about what we learned in the next week or two, but I wanted to go ahead and share some great photos with you all!

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Thinking about risk: What would Helen Keller say?

When thinking about entrepreneurship and starting a new company, risk taking is mandatory. I actually think that for any venture to move forward, a person has to be willing to undertake calculated risk.

Taking it down to a common scenario, you have to be willing to take a risk in the kitchen to try a new recipe. The meal might become your new favorite, but there is an element of chance that it might be truly terrible, isn’t there? Most of us kitchen adventurers don’t think twice about risking a few dollars in ingredients and some time for the chance to cook something wonderfully tasty! Continue…

Photoshop Color Workflow by Dan Margulis

Photoshop color workflow

Photoshop color workflow can really enhance your photographs.

Dan Margulis is a published author and the creator of Photoshop Color Workflow. His book and tools can be an invaluable resource to photographers using Adobe Photoshop. Would this be a good tool to use in GC3400?

About the book (from

Traditional methods of color-correcting digital images date from when computing was slow, storage expensive and RAM minimal. Only the most important images could justify the cost of processing. The techniques that were valid in those benighted times don’t correspond to today’s needs.

In his first book in more than six years, Dan Margulis rethinks the process from the ground up. He suggests a radically different workflow for an age in which speed is critical and processing of multiple images is the rule and not the exception. His solutions are often highly automated, and all the automation is made available for free, including a powerful PPW panel that serves as a command central. Continue…

Are you an entrepreneur or intrapreneur?

If you have ever wanted to be an entrepreneur and start your own business +Clemson Graphics , consider the new Online #GCBiz course next summer! Summer 2014 saw the launch of a brand new online course focusing on Entrepreneurship/ Intrapreneurship in the Graphic Communciations Industries. The course was designed flexibility that allows students who are interning or taking classes during the day to gain additional major requirement credits, whether they spend the summer in Clemson or anywhere else in the country.


How To Setup & Use A WordPress Child Theme

WordPress Child Themes

Using WordPress Child Themes when developing your own website theme

This is an incredibly thorough article on designing your own WordPress child theme. I have long been a proponent of using child themes, mostly because early on I started using Genesis for many of my WordPress websites.

What is a WordPress Child Theme?

A child theme is a theme that inherits the functionality of a parent theme. It is a separate theme, that allows you to modify the parent theme without having to modify any of the parent theme’s files.

Why should I use a WordPress Child Theme?

Child themes are particularly useful if you want to customize a non-custom theme that has updates. With a child theme, you can update the parent theme without losing the custom changes you have made to it. It can also make development more efficient, because your child theme will only contain the files from the parent theme that you’ve actually made changes to. This makes it a lot easier to find your past changes to make additional changes in the future. Continue…