Web development community: Many thanks

A thank you to the web development community

A thank you to the web development community

Interesting article on community from +Chris Coyier and the perspective of web development community. At Front End Conference in 2014, Alex Horne and I gave a presentation on web community and web education. I think this article adds a lot to that conversation.

It is now over a year since that talk and I find that many of my original thoughts on the convergence of community and education in the web sphere are still the same. I know that I, as an educator, rely heavily on the web community to help me successfully teach my students about designing and developing websites. I especially look towards the online web community to stay informed about where the industry is moving and how best to prepare tomorrow’s developers.  Continue…

#frontendconf 2014

As we get close to the next Front End Design Conference in St. Petersburg, I wanted to share some photographs taken of ClemsonGC students at last years conference, 2014. This year the conference will be run by UnmatchedStyle and I am very excited to see what changes and what stays the same. This is a great conference and a vibrant web development community and well worth the trip!

+Clemson Graphics enjoyed #frontendconf  in St. Petersburg Florida this week. Watch for a blog post about what we learned in the next week or two, but I wanted to go ahead and share some great photos with you all!

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#frontendconf: a summer 2014 adventure

ClemsonGC students attend FrontEndConf in Florida, Summer 2014

ClemsonGC students attend FrontEndConf in Florida, Summer 2014

This summer, I traveled with 4 @ClemsonGC students down to St. Petersburg, Florida for Front End Design Conference. #FrontEndConf is a unique and special event for front end web developers. Hosted by the amazing Denney family, this is one of my favorite conferences to attend with students each year.

One of the best parts of the event is that everyone is made to feel welcome from beginning coders and students up through the expert speakers, many of whom are the leaders pushing the web development industry forward day in and day out. There are plenty of opportunities to learn both in a large setting and one-on-one with a coder you just met who just happens to know javascript (or databases, or animations, or teaching) better than you do.

This was my second time attending #frontendconf with students. Last year I brought down two students for the event and we met up with a previous graduate of the program as well. This year, 4 students who have taken the intermediate web class (GC4510-Web) were chosen to attend- Alex Horne, Katherine Redmond, Mason Mccaskill, and Weatherly White. We were again joined by a previous Clemson GC student, Josh Boland, who after graduation began working on Clemson’s web properties with the Creative Services team. Continue…

ClemsonGC attends Front End Design Conference

With two seniors from the Clemson Graphic Communications  program, I attended Front End Design Conference & Workshop in St. Petersburg, Florida this week #frontendconf. Not only was it one of the most well developed (pun intended) conference I have ever attended, it also had the perfect mix of inspiration and information. My brain is saturated, but I now know where to head to sort out all the amazing ins and outs of Front End Design.

So what is “Front End Design?” Every job has to have a name describing it, right? In this case, front end becomes the go-to term for website design and development and includes a wide range of related specialties and careers. But before I get in to any of the technical info we absorbed, I want to share what I think emerged as the underlying theme throughout the conference- community.