Live from Front End Conference – ShopTalkShow

ShopTalkLive show from Front End Design Conference

ShopTalkLive show from Front End Design Conference

Dave Rupert and Chris Coyier recorded the ShopTalkShow live at the Front End Design Conference #frontendconf in St. Petersburg, Florida. We were in attendance at the conference and were there for the live show.

A question that came up when we were talking with David Leininger, that we wanted to get their opinion on. Having been at the Front End workshop the day before, I was curious if Sass would be a better to teach in GC451 (Intro to Web Development) or if we should stick with basic CSS like we currently do. The question ended up being the last one they covered at around 26 minutes.

From Jayzee Penny’s to shouting “Just Build Websites,” these guys were not only funny, but very informative and great about answering questions throughout the conference. Check it out!

  • 3:06 Does the flat design trend affect your perception of a brand?
  • 7:03 Why don’t more E-commerce sites use RWD?
  • 13:39 What’s your opinion on the overuse of jQuery in teaching JavaScript?
  • 17:05 Given the growing complexity, where do you start learning how to make websites?
  • 22:40 Does being involved make our industry better?
  • 26:56 I teach and Intro to Web class at the college level, do you think Sass is a good solution or should I stick to basic CSS?

Here the full podcast here: Live from Front-End Conf – ShopTalk.