Styletiles tool to communicate with clients

One of the most difficult jobs of a web designer is to accurately communicate with clients. Some clients have a very good idea of what they want their website to look and feel like, but have difficulty communicating their vision. Then there are clients that hand all the creative decisions over to the designer, but then can’t figure out what they don’t like about the mock-ups of the proposed design. Either way, as web designers, we need to come up with quick, easy ways to get our ideas down in a way that visually communicates the website design to a client in a clear way.

Style tiles are a way to create style guides for a website prior to building it.

Style tiles are a way to create style guides for a website prior to building it.


There are many tools out there for this purpose, but lately, I’ve been interested in the process of using style guide, especially on team-based projects. One tool that serves this purpose is”A Style Tile is a design deliverable consisting of fonts, colors and interface elements that communicates the evolution of a visual brand for the web.” 

Style tiles are created with a psd file that allows you to create multiple versions of the visual language and styling for a clients site without spending tons of time creating a variety of mockups. Sometimes seeing small variations on the site can really help you and the client come to a clear understanding of what the final site will look like. The process is similar to the idea of style guides for a live website.

  • You can learn more about style guides here-
  • Example of a working style guide (for