Staying productive

Staying productive can be really difficult, for me, it is especially during the cold, rainy winter months. But now that we are all back in school and the deadlines are starting to pile on, it is definitely a good time to look at our own productivity and stay at the top of our game throughout the coming weeks.

Do you find that it is way easier to keep your room clean and the dishes done when you are on a tight deadline? I know that I do. Staying busy with menial tasks is way easier when there is a deadline I am trying to avoid. But I think there is a subconscious reason for that. Mainly that we think better in clean and uncluttered spaces, we’ll actually stay more productive in them!

There are a couple of these that I really think are important and a few that I will be trying to improve on in the coming year. First the one that I think are the most important- turn off your notifications. You don’t need your computer to beep at you every time you get a new spam email or your phone to let you know that you just got a like on Facebook. This will slow you down every time (and how many of those two things do you get in a day, an hour, a minute?!?). Very seldom does someone need your attention this very minute besides what you are doing now is important to concentrate on and complete too.

The ones that I want to improve on are checking my email too often and working with poor posture (yeah, I admit it, I work on the couch way too often!). Those will be added to the goals for 2015 to increase staying productive. Enjoy this infographic for good reminders of what NOT to do. I enjoyed the graphics and color scheme in the design.

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Killing Time: How to Destroy Your Productivity – #Infographic