Stacking up an DSLR against the iPhone

DSLR camera equipment

When to choose your weighty (and expensive DSLR camera over the convenience of your iPhone for a shot.

When you need to take a photograph, you’re most likely going to grab your smartphone, right? I mean, it is right there in your pocket, easily accessible, can be operated with one hand, and you don’t need to know the first thing about exposure settings to still get a good shot. I’ll admit, I take a ton of photos with my iPhone and Android devices (ask me some time if you are curious which has the best camera…)

But there are some situations where your DSLR can far outshine the convenience of using your smart phone in the resulting photograph. This article puts the two camera options to a test side-by-side under different conditions. The findings are quite interesting and are helpful when thinking about when it makes sense to bring your DSLR camera package with you for a photography session.

When you look at the side by side shots on page 2, what do you think? When is it worth it to shoot with your DSLR over your iPhone camera? What should we be using as a “high end” camera moving fwd?

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