Product Photography in the studio

Product Photography notes

After setting up the stations for product photography in the studio, I enjoyed a moment to capture some of the pieces of jewelry. Especially catching were the shots taken in the soft box. A soft box allows products to be lit with a very diffused even lighting and adding the reflective, lit panel at the bottom of the soft box lights the product from all sides and provides an attractive reflection beneath.

The goal in any product photography is to make the item look as appealing as possible. In some cases that means making it seem bigger than life and removing it from all the distractions of the surroundings. On the beads and the black watch, I love how the products actually seem suspended in a solid white cloud. There are no noticeable lines or distractions from the background- it is all about the piece of jewelry.

Lighting and the surroundings are both important, but so is selective focus. By shooting on the lowest possible f-stop, you can really focus the viewers eye on one single bead in a strand. This allows for a unique feeling of depth on a rather small subject and it allows the photographer to highlight the most important part of a piece of jewelry.

The final thought on product photography is on a key setting that we often just leave on auto- white balance. It is imperative to get the correct white balance with products otherwise you are likely to misrepresent the colors. Different color temperature of lights cast color tones on your product. If you order a sweater from online that looks a soft spring green and when it is delivered it is more of a blue green or yellow green that can be a real problem for the manufacturer. We depend on the product photography to properly represent the colors for each product.

In product photography, pay attention to your white balance, focus, depth of field, lighting, and the surroundings and you should be able to capture dynamic photographs of your products!