Photoshop Color Workflow by Dan Margulis

Photoshop color workflow

Photoshop color workflow can really enhance your photographs.

Dan Margulis is a published author and the creator of Photoshop Color Workflow. His book and tools can be an invaluable resource to photographers using Adobe Photoshop. Would this be a good tool to use in GC3400?

About the book (from

Traditional methods of color-correcting digital images date from when computing was slow, storage expensive and RAM minimal. Only the most important images could justify the cost of processing. The techniques that were valid in those benighted times don’t correspond to today’s needs.

In his first book in more than six years, Dan Margulis rethinks the process from the ground up. He suggests a radically different workflow for an age in which speed is critical and processing of multiple images is the rule and not the exception. His solutions are often highly automated, and all the automation is made available for free, including a powerful PPW panel that serves as a command central.

Among the revolutionary ideas:

  • Color and contrast are never mixed; there are separate passes to eliminate color problems, to heighten contrast, and to make the color sing.
  • Many steps temporarily leave the image looking worse than before they were applied, so as to enable a superior final result.
  • For very important work, instead of proceeding slowly and carefully, go as quickly as if the job were a throwaway. Then, do additional quick versions from scratch and then blending the best of each variant.

The language is simple but the concepts are deep, cutting-edge, and covered comprehensively. The reader’s way of thinking is continually challenged with new ideas, sardonic comments, and the occasional quiz. Modern Photoshop Color Workflow is designed for an expert audience, yet the discussions of what makes for a good-looking image are accessible to all.

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Dan Margulis – Modern Photoshop Color Workflow
Dan Margulis is internationally regarded as the most distinguished voice in the color correction and enhancement field. He is a best-selling author of books on color correction. Many of today’s leading authorities in the field have studied with him in his multiple-day small-group classes, Applied Color Theory, which have been offered in a dozen different …

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