I love WordPress Plugins

Every developer has a handful of “can’t live without” plugins. I have a few myself, but they are subject to change over time as new options get released. Right now a few of my favorites are Yoast SEO and Google Analytics for WordPress which both happen to be created by Joost de Valk. Depending on the site, sometimes Google Doc Embedder is a must have WordPress Plugin. Which ones are your favorite to use?

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I love WordPress Plugins.  Some of them can really help improve your website.  Some of them, though, can bog your site down and are more trouble than they are worth.  Also, when you search for an author bio box, 30 different ones come up.

Thats were this list will help.  Because this is a dynamic, crowdsourced list, the best plugins rise to the top and you can also search the list to find some hidden gems.

I have listed my favorites.  Now it is up to you to add your favorites and vote up the ones you like.

The more people who contribute to this, the more useful it will be, so make sure you share this list.

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The Best WordPress Plugins – A Definitive Guide – Matt Talks Tech
A definitive list of the Best WordPress Plugins. You can add your favorites to the list, vote up the ones you use, and vote down the ones you don’t care for. The cream should rise to the top and give us a guide to finding the Best WordPress Plugins.

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