Local Motors revolutionizes manufacturing

A speaker from┬áLocal Motors came to┬áthe GAA conference in Clemson last year and then I was able to go by their facility in Phoenix when I was out there for a conference. At the facility, they had vehicles that were in the middle of assembly, but they aren’t moving down a line. They are built one at a time, many times with the participation of the person who purchased them. Some parts of the vehicle are 3D printed, but the large printer was not in Arizona when I went by (they have several different facilities that share the 3D printer between them).

At Local Motors, there is a huge area set aside for local creatives to come and prototype their own ideas. Parts and pieces that are mid-construction are all around the shop room floor.

Local Motors re-envisioning manufacturing in the 21st century

Local Motors re-envisioning manufacturing in the 21st century


But one aspect that can’t be seen in Arizona is the crowd-sourcing that is done on the Local Motors website. If you have an idea, you can post it up on their site and get feedback from engineers and other enthusiasts about how your vision could become a reality. Definitely check it out- Local Motors Explore.

I think this change in mindset about manufacturing could really revolutionize product design and development and eventually distribution.

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Power to the people on product design – FT.com
Reaching break-even on a new car programme when vehicle sales approach 100 would sound like a pipe-dream at most automobile companies. That is not the case at Local Motors, an automaker based in Arizona. The rugged, off-road Rally Fighter has

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