Interesting growth facts about social media sites

Nice round up on the growth of social media sites. I also like that it was pointed out the difference between active users and inactive accounts which in my opinion shouldn’t be used to inflate user numbers.

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5 Insights into the Latest Social Media Facts, Figures and Statistics
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Social media sites are embedded in our lives. To put that in some perspective it is worthwhile from time to time to see what the social media landscape looks like and review the latest social media facts figures and statistics.
The latest GlobalWebindex Study for 2013 shows that social networks are not all about English speaking media. Large populous countries like China have significant social media platforms that are larger in size than some of the largest well known networks such as Linkedin and Pinterest. These include Sina Weibo, Qzone and Tencent.
Facebook still dominates driven by increased mobile usage and also growth by the older demographic.

Other interesting revelations are:

–  Twitter is the fastest growing network with more than a 40% increase in active users over the last 9 months
–  Facebook continues to grow with more than a 37% increase in active users from Q2 2012 to Q1 2013
– Google+ is not far behind in growth with 35% growth in 9 months
– Linkedin is growing at over 30%
Pinterest’s popularity continues with a 20% increase in active users in the period

So what else does the this extensive study of 31 different markets covering 87% of the global internet population by the GlobalWebIndex study reveal?



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