Illustrator artwork by Jonathan Balcombe

Clemson House by Jonathan Balcombe

Illustrator artwork of Clemson landmarks created by Jonathan Balcombe, ClemsonGC student, class of 2015

Jonathan Balcombe (Class of 2015) may have found the perfect fit when he took an internship at Creative Services at Clemson University, but what he ended up creating while working there came as a surprise to everyone involved. After completing his first assignment, Jonathan returned to his desk to await the next instructions. While waiting, he began to create illustrator artwork of his favorite animal in Adobe Illustrator using the paint brush tool, a raccoon.

When his supervisor, Dave Dryden, came to his desk with his next instructions, he saw the raccoon and was intrigued. He asked Jonathan if he could draw a tiger, the universities mascot. Dryden remembers his reaction “what came next blew my mind… a series of beautiful, graphic tiger illustrations. From there we started experimenting with campus scenes. These illustrations are equally as beautiful. Jonathan has a unique point of view to his work that is unlike anything I have seen — simple and sophisticated — almost like folk art.”
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Student Spotlight: Jonathan Balcombe Creates Illustrator Artwork | Clemson University, South Carolina
Student Spotlight: Jonathan Balcombe. Students in the department of Graphic Communications find themselves in just about every possible position within the graphic communications industries during their two required internships. With over 50 companies attending Intern Employer Day each Spring …

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