High risk photography: Wedding edition

High risk photography: wedding edition

High risk photography: wedding edition

High risk photography comes in many forms. This particular photographer brought high risk photography into a rare subject area: weddings. When we think of wedding photography, we probably picture mostly highly-posed photographs that document an event.

Now, that is of course a very broad generalization and I am aware that there are amazing, talented wedding photographers striving for all different types of photography styles within their work. Still, I venture to guess that a wedding photographer’s pitch rarely starts with “and I offer these amazing high risk photography sessions…”

In this case, the high risk element came as a surprise as a raging wildfire consumed the forests nearby the ceremony location. Photographer Josh Newton captured some fantastic photographs of the couple that are likely to not be repeated by other wedding photographers.

What do you think of high risk photography as it applies to weddings?

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An Oregon Couple Rushed Through Their Wedding Because Of A Wildfire And The Photos Are Breathtaking
So, a wildfire starts burning around you and it’s terrifying, sure. But it also makes for a hell of a wedding photo.

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