High risk photography: Fashion edition

We have looked at a couple of high risk photography examples in the last few posts and today’s post is no exception. This particular post explores the true risk of getting the perfect shot.¬†Photographer Ben Von Wong brought models down 75 feet beneath the surface of the ocean and photographed them chained to a ship wreck. Personally I think the photographs are incredibly stunning, but I am not sure if this sort of high risk photography is too much of a physical danger to the models involved.

I love this particular article because Von Wong shares some photos that show how this high risk photography shoot was pulled off. These behind-the-scene photographs reveal all the coordination and talent required to pull off these sorts of images and I think that alone makes the final photographs even more intriguing.

Be sure and watch the video until 2:30 where Von Wong talks about how to assemble a team capable of pulling this sort of vision off. What he says really speaks volumes about valuing passion over skill.

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They Chained 2 Women To The Bottom Of The Sea. Wait Til You See Why…Woah!
Literally breathtaking.

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