Fun with rain drop photographs

Rain drop photographs taken on my iPhoneThis summer, I was asked to judge a photography contest for Fuji Film that focused on flowers. There were hundreds of entries to sift through and multiple categories including color and black & white.

I have to admit that looking through all the beautiful submissions got me excited to try a few things when the opportunity arose, including taking these rain drop photographs. The lighting was perfect this rainy morning and since I didn’t have my DSLR camera handy, I just used the iPhone camera for these shots. With the newer smart phones, the ability to control depth of field and force exposure is pretty phenomenal. Not as much control as we like to have with our DSLR cameras, but still quite a bit (even without filters).

Was there anything you’ve seen a photograph of lately that you looked for an opportunity to emulate like these rain drop photographs? Were you able to capture it similar to how you saw the other photographer present the shot? I think it can be a really valuable lesson to practice trying to copy something you see. Whether you are able to or not, you will definitely come away with a new appreciation of the complexity of photography!

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