Encouraging professional social media use

Professional social media is important to your personal branding

Professional social media is important to your personal branding. ImageĀ source: http://www.fusionspark.com/socialmedia-smallbiz/

How we use social media use isĀ a target of criticism by so many people around us. Your mom may critique that weekend party picture you posted for your friends on Facebook. Your advisor may comment on how little you update your LinkedIn account and how important your professional social media persona is to getting your dream job. In many offices, the rules regarding our personal use of social media can feel invasive and overwhelming. Before the days of social media our lives weren’t well… quite so broadly public and therefore only fodder for criticism by the town gossips rather than everyone you know.

From a business or educator’s stand point, I do believe that we need to help guide and encourage professional social media use by employees and students. How a student chooses to use social media now can very likely effect their opportunities to interview at their top pick company in a few years closer to graduation. In fact, the argument could be made that your professional social media use is directly tied to your personal marketing and branding.

Personally, I have no desire to control anyone’s social media public persona, but I do think it necessary to begin a dialogue about how businesses are using social media channels to research potential employees. In talking about that issue, I think ethics, privacy, personal control, and professional social media use are logical discussions.

This article gives great suggestions for a company (or school) who wants to encourage professional social media use throughout their staff.

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A Great Company-Wide Social-Media Policy Starts at the Top
Executives should lead by example when it comes to building an online persona that benefits the business’ brand.

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