Drone photography: What is it?

Drone Photography has been all the rage in the news this year and not necessarily in a good way. As a photographer, if you aren’t intrigued by the potential, you haven’t seen much of the footage yet. The footage that got me so excited originally came out of Burning Man 2013 and was shot by Eddie Codel.

There are so many applications on set from documenting a production for special features to replacing expensive crane and dolly shots. Reading the news, you would think that drones were well on their way to becoming the paparazzi’s favorite tool or a way to sneak contraband into national forests and I am sure devious minds can come up with the ability to do that and more. I had my initial contact with a drone at a wedding. My first thought is that those quad copters are loud and not at all discreet. They hum and blow an amazing amount of air beneath them in order to “hover” above their subject. I can’t imagine that they could sneak into a famous person’s home or arrive unnoticed anywhere really.

I guess my point is this- there is the potential with drone photography or anything else to create beauty or destruction. I, for one, can’t wait to see how these little ‘copters move in to film and video and capture previously impossible (or impossibly expensive) shots.

Below you’ll see a review of the DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus by Robert Scoble. #GC3400, can you think of any shots that we could use a drone for?

Reshared post from +Robert Scoble

The drone age has started: This is the coolest thing I’ve EVER gotten.

Introducing the DJI Phanton 2 Vision Plus. Here is DJI’s intro video. My own video with +Eric Cheng, director of photography at DJI, is up at https://plus.google.com/+Scobleizer/posts/NaUfuqNy1QV (along with a first video I did).

What is this? A drone with a video camera built in (also does stills). Does 1080p HD video with a built in steady cam.

Wow. So easy to fly and steady. More coming shortly. Costs $1,299.

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