Design Responsively With Malleable Mobile Menus

One of the biggest challenges in responsive web design is getting your menus to function. If you’ve ever had to mess with it, you know what I’m talking about. You can use media queries to define CSS that applies when the screen size is various sizes, but sometimes you need extra functionality to pull off an ideal design.

What Is Mobile Menu Design?

Mobile menu design is simply getting the menus for a responsive design to fit mobile screen sizes. One of the core concepts around responsive web design is making all content available all of the time on all screen sizes. Just as importantly, we want to only publish content once — not create a “mobile version” of our content as well.

So, creating responsive menus that allow for lots of menu items that work in all screen size scenarios is important.

Why Use Mobile Menu Design?

Large and even not-​​so-​​large navigation menus take up a lot of space on a small screen. Ideally, you can compact the menu items while also making the menus usable. Too small and the user can’t see them or may struggle to touch the buttons. Too large and we’re making our users scroll, and scroll, and scroll some more.

So, mobile menu design becomes an important usability task.

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