The Godfrey winners throw out the opening pitch!

Godfrey winners: Rebecca, Madison, Harris, and I on the field for the opening pitch.

Godfrey winners: Rebecca, Madison, Harris, and I on the field for the opening pitch.

The winners of the coveted Godfrey Video Award enjoyed a beautiful day at Doug Kingsmore Stadium and a Tiger win! 4 students produced the winning video: Rebecca, Madison, Harris, and Paul (who was unable to attend the recognition). The three students were asked to throw out the opening pitch for the baseball game after their video played on the screen at the field. Each of them threw out an impressive pitch from the mound! Congrats on your accomplishments!

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The Godfrey’s winners throw out the ceremonial pitch at the Clemson baseball game Wednesday.

Congrats to all the #GC3400  @ClemsonGC students for a great set of baseball and soccer promo videos for The Tigers! Continue…

Software that allows your camera to capture 3D images

3D Modeling softwareUsing your regular camera and this software, you’ll be able to “scan” a 3D model out of a regular photograph and then print it on your home 3D printer. One of the more difficult aspects so far about using a 3D printer is the fact that you also need the 3D CAD files that you want to print. Most of us regular people don’t have access to CAD or know how to use it, so how can you copy that fork to complete your grandmothers set or duplicate the house key that you keep misplacing? This software allows you to turn a regular image into a 3D one that could then be translated into a printable file.

There was a time not long ago when digital image editing was something left to the experts. Then tools like iPhoto and Instagram came along and brought some of those capabilities to the masses. There’s still room for experts today, but for most of us, quick fixes and prepackaged effects are enough. These tools effectively democratized image editing. Tao Chen hopes that 3-Sweep, an incredible piece of software he created with a team of researchers from Tel Aviv University, can do the same for 3-D objects.


Creative video ad

The accessibility and cost (FREE!) of posting to YouTube has spawned both the worst and the best as far as video ad are concerned. In some cases, such as the Dollar Shave Club, this has enabled small startup companies to launch onto the national business scene and garner success that traditionally would cost small businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars. In other cases this means that we have seen some really terrible sales pitch videos made with little thought towards their audience’s expectations. I think the following video is an outstanding example of a creative approach to introducing a product to the market in a way that attracts customers and gets them intrigued to purchase. Take a peek for yourself and let me know what you think of Hadfield’s promotional video.

Commander Hadfield’s son made a lovely video ad for his dad’s book… It is awesome!

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#GC340 Clemson Basketball promotional video shoot

GC340 shoot Clemson basketball promotional videos

GC340 shoot Clemson basketball promotional videos

In case you missed hearing about the #GC340 basketball promotional video shoot during Fall 2013, I wanted to share some of the pictures from the location day. I really do love just about every aspect of film making, but probably the part of the process that I think is the most exciting, is the shoot day. Bring on the talent, the lights, the cameras, the microphones, and let’s see if we can make the magic happen! Yes, I admit there is a lot of planning that goes into those few short hours on set, but if all goes (mostly) well, then by the end of that time, you’ll have on film what it takes to edit your masterpiece.

I’ll admit, production day is not everyones favorite part of the process. It is a day of high tensions, lots of stress, and perhaps even more sit around and wait time than actual production time. As they used to say when I served as a production assistant on Hollywood features the motto of shoot days is “hurry up and wait!” Now from a producer or directors stand point, being there and ready ahead of the curve is not only important, but can mean the difference between having your shot and having no footage at all. So those moments of waiting may be painful, but they are completely necessary for a successful shoot day on location. Continue…

A revolutionary ad with a hidden message

We’re all fascinated by the idea of a hidden message, everything from decoding what an artist meant to why a particular font was chosen. Each of these decisions are made with a specific reason, a specific message in mind that we hope to convey to our audience. But imagine, as a designer, being given this opportunity: being asked to create an ad that displayed an important message that only some people could discern. In this case an ad that looked one way to adults, but contained a secret message exclusively for children.

Abuse is an entirely different topic for a different day, but what if you could help someone without putting them at further risk? What if you could offer them resources and a means for changing their circumstances without the adult being any the wiser. Fascinating design challenge and one I know I would jump at the opportunity. A chance to make a difference and a chance to bury hidden messages in our work that can, and hopefully will be found.

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A revolutionary anti-abuse ad with a hidden message only children can see.

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Photoshop manipulation is an art form

And if there is anyone that can prove that Photoshop manipulation is a visual art, it’s Erik Johansson. He creates realistic photos of impossible scenes — capturing ideas, not moments. In this witty how-to, the Photoshop wizard describes the principles he uses to make these fantastical scenarios come to life, while keeping them visually plausible. Enjoy this great TEDtalk!

Erik Johansson: Impossible photography

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The History of Aspect Ratio in Cinema

Do you know why 16:9 is the current standard in film aspect ratio? Do you remember the transition to the current flat screen TV size from the old CRT 4:3 aspect ratio? Remember wondering why all the shows were letter-boxed either top and bottom or left and right? Or even worse, some people would watch it stretched or squeezed so it filled the whole TV screen. There is a lot more history to aspect ratio and the business decisions as well as aesthetic decisions behind each transition then one might expect. This video walks you through the transition and reasons behind the multiple frame sizes in cinema history in an entirely entertaining way. Grab some popcorn and check it out!


3D printing demo by Type A Machines

Explore 3D printing through this video demo with Robert Scobel and Type A Machines.

Learn more about Type A Machines at

The maker world has never been hotter and listening to Type A Machines CEO Kevin Rowney gets you into this manufacturing revolution. Watch the video here:

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