The difference between being a boss and being a leader

Exploring the difference between being a boss and being a leader (in my favorite format, an infographic!)

Infographic on being a leader

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Being a leader is not as simple as just wearing a title or having great ideas. There is so much nuance to the process of leading other people to do their best work. Each of your employees have certain skills and for the company to do it’s best work, these talents need to be encouraged, developed, and appreciated.  Continue…

Local Motors revolutionizes manufacturing

A speaker from Local Motors came to the GAA conference in Clemson last year and then I was able to go by their facility in Phoenix when I was out there for a conference. At the facility, they had vehicles that were in the middle of assembly, but they aren’t moving down a line. They are built one at a time, many times with the participation of the person who purchased them. Some parts of the vehicle are 3D printed, but the large printer was not in Arizona when I went by (they have several different facilities that share the 3D printer between them).

At Local Motors, there is a huge area set aside for local creatives to come and prototype their own ideas. Parts and pieces that are mid-construction are all around the shop room floor.

Local Motors re-envisioning manufacturing in the 21st century

Local Motors re-envisioning manufacturing in the 21st century


Why should you pay for a quality website?

quality website

Building a quality website for your company costs money, but it also serves as the face of your company to all of the world.

As a web developer, I have always been curious about how incredibly difficult it is to convince a business owner the value of a quality website. Why should a startup have to pay for a quality website? There are plenty of reasons, but for some reason it is difficult to convince many business owners of the value (and cost) of high quality websites.

I get it, I really do. Many of the companies I work with have been ripped off by developers in the past. The stories I hear vary, but the gist is the same: They finish a website for the business, and then disappear before handing over the domain and files making updates difficult to impossible to manage. Or they make promises that they will get you listed #1 on google search, but fail to deliver. Or they build a great CMS site, but they never show you or your employees how to make updates and you are way to busy to figure it out. Continue…

Article digging into the process of creativity: Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan is one of the great living creative minds.

Bob Dylan is one of the great living creative minds.

I really enjoy reading about how people with amazing creative minds do that magic that they do. This article combines the topic of creativity with one of my favorite musical geniuses, Bob Dylan.

When I think about the word prolific, there are a few musicians that come to mind immediately. Bob Dylan is one of them. With a career that spans over five decades, touring continuously through nearly all of them, and the release of almost forty albums, Dylan seems to be a never-ending fount of creativity.

I have seen Dylan live dozens of times across three decades now and every time I am amazed. He plays multiple instruments and never has the set list been the same twice. How can he have THAT MANY lyrics inside his brain?? Just thinking about it makes my brain hurt. On top of that, Dylan has re-invented himself more times than I can count (who can forget his gospel phase?). Continue…

Entrepreneurial opportunities with The DEN

The DEN logoThe value of entrepreneurial opportunities for Clemson students really can’t be underestimated. Clemson GC has a brand new section of The DEN, which stands for the Design and Entrepreneurship Network, this Fall semester in partnership with the Bioengineering and mechanical engineering divisions. I am hoping to see other departmental divisions pop up around campus and join in the excitement next semester.

The DEN was started by PhD student, Bre Przestrzelski and Bioengineering faculty lead, Dr. John Desjardin. Throughout the semester, students get to participate in a network of activities, mentors, cross-disciplinary student groups, guest speakers, and field trips which pave a new path for student entrepreneurs. Continue…

Thinking about risk: What would Helen Keller say?

When thinking about entrepreneurship and starting a new company, risk taking is mandatory. I actually think that for any venture to move forward, a person has to be willing to undertake calculated risk.

Taking it down to a common scenario, you have to be willing to take a risk in the kitchen to try a new recipe. The meal might become your new favorite, but there is an element of chance that it might be truly terrible, isn’t there? Most of us kitchen adventurers don’t think twice about risking a few dollars in ingredients and some time for the chance to cook something wonderfully tasty! Continue…

Are you an entrepreneur or intrapreneur?

If you have ever wanted to be an entrepreneur and start your own business +Clemson Graphics , consider the new Online #GCBiz course next summer! Summer 2014 saw the launch of a brand new online course focusing on Entrepreneurship/ Intrapreneurship in the Graphic Communciations Industries. The course was designed flexibility that allows students who are interning or taking classes during the day to gain additional major requirement credits, whether they spend the summer in Clemson or anywhere else in the country.


The Clemson DEN in the news

This article is great! Congrats to the Clemson DEN on getting on the front page of the Greenville News this week. I hope some +Clemson Graphics people consider joining and getting involved with this CI class. In the class you’ll be able to contribute and work with start-up ideas, both your own and ideas from across all disciplines on campus.

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Clemson program takes students’ ideas from classroom to start-up
A team of Clemson bioengineering students had an idea for a new medical device to improve rotator cuff surgery.But they had no idea how to take it to the next level.

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