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Great, simple tips for sharing photography

Great, simple tips for sharing a love of photography (even the technical aspects) with beginners. Varina and Jay Patel are two well know photographers that I have followed for several years on Google+. I love how in this article they find a way to share photography with their 13 year old in a way that is not at all difficult or complicated to understand. The moral of the story is that the technical aspects of manual photography does not have to be scary or difficult. I hope that in #GC3400 I have the opportunity to share that with @ClemsonGC students as they begin to find their way around manual mode on their DSLRs.

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What is our philosophy to teach kids photography?….Simple hand them the camera don’t tell them there is a auto more. The results from this approach are wonderful. Now only if we can get adults to forget that there is something other than the manual mode.


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Tips for Teaching Photography to Beginners
A few useful tips for teaching beginners the basics of photography.

Entrepreneurship education goes MOOC

Entrepreneurship roundtable summer 2014 featured a diverse range of entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship roundtable summer 2014 featured a diverse range of entrepreneurs

MOOCs are no longer just a small fad. The 6-week Coursera course on Entrepreneurship mentioned in this article had 23,000 students enrolled, including students from more than 180 countries. With high speed internet, education is no longer for an elite few and in my opinion that is a very good thing.

As many of you may know, I launched an online course on entrepreneurship (GC4510-008) this summer. 9 @ClemsonGC students enrolled in the course and participated from all over the easter United States. Certainly no comparison with 23,000 students, but still I felt like material covered in the course and the conversations generated between students was really interesting and I hope extremely valuable for the students enrolled. Even though we never met in person, we all had the opportunity to meet several times synchronously online. Continue…

IGAEA turns into GCEA: Summer conference 2014

IGAEA GCEA Conference logo

IGAEA GCEA Conference logo. Photo credit Bill Delgado.

As you have probably heard me say many times, I am a bit of a sucker for opportunities to learn. So, I was lucky enough to find myself in the tiny town of Mansfield, Ohio this summer for the International Graphic Arts Educators Association IGAEA conference. Clemson GC sent three faculty members to the conference- Dr. John Leininger, Dr. Charles Weiss, and me- talk about being in great company!

This was actually my first year attending an IGAEA event and during the conference, they officially announced that the organization will be operating under a new name going forward- Graphic Communications Education Association GCEA. The new logo, branding, and website mockup were presented by the leadership committee during the conference.

This conference is unique in that the attendees are all graphic communications educators. The membership includes people who teach high school, vocational school, 2-year programs, 4-year programs, and even alternative schools such as a program within a prison. The breadth of teaching knowledge found at the conference is really astounding. There are so many teachers there willing to share their experiences and assignments and the tricks that they have found benefit their students. Many of the attendees have taught for 25+ years! Continue…

#frontendconf: a summer 2014 adventure

ClemsonGC students attend FrontEndConf in Florida, Summer 2014

ClemsonGC students attend FrontEndConf in Florida, Summer 2014

This summer, I traveled with 4 @ClemsonGC students down to St. Petersburg, Florida for Front End Design Conference. #FrontEndConf is a unique and special event for front end web developers. Hosted by the amazing Denney family, this is one of my favorite conferences to attend with students each year.

One of the best parts of the event is that everyone is made to feel welcome from beginning coders and students up through the expert speakers, many of whom are the leaders pushing the web development industry forward day in and day out. There are plenty of opportunities to learn both in a large setting and one-on-one with a coder you just met who just happens to know javascript (or databases, or animations, or teaching) better than you do.

This was my second time attending #frontendconf with students. Last year I brought down two students for the event and we met up with a previous graduate of the program as well. This year, 4 students who have taken the intermediate web class (GC4510-Web) were chosen to attend- Alex Horne, Katherine Redmond, Mason Mccaskill, and Weatherly White. We were again joined by a previous Clemson GC student, Josh Boland, who after graduation began working on Clemson’s web properties with the Creative Services team. Continue…

Effectiveness of flipping the classroom

Alright, it is infographic time again! As many of you may know, I am a bit fascinated with alternative options for learning and flipping the classroom is one of the recent buzz words in the world of higher education. I love that ClemsonGC is a hands on, lab-based program. In the lab, you can see when someone really “gets it.” Those moments when everything comes together and all the theory makes sense in practice, not just in lecture.

In the world of education, “flipped classroom” has become a recent buzz word, but what does it really mean? There has been much research done on the topic lately and some of it finds that flipping a classroom has dramatically successful results and other research shows no difference or even a decline in student success using this method. As with any educational tool, if used in a way that doesn’t help students grasp the material.  Continue…

GC3400 spending the day with a drone

This summer, the GC3400 class at Clemson University Department of Graphic Communications had a unique opportunity to add arial footage to their class videos. But I am getting ahead of myself in this story! After spring registration, most students have their summer schedules planned. I received an interesting email from Caleb Prather, a Graphic Communications sophomore, asking if there might be an opportunity to explore drone photography in GC3400 during the summer session. He had done a lot of research and even found a few potential videographers that could come speak to our class about the process of capturing arial video using a drone helicopter.

 @ClemsonGC #gc3400  shooting footage for their videos with the assistance of Aaron Richard, drone photographer and videographer out of Asheville, NC.

@ClemsonGC #gc3400 shooting footage for their videos with the assistance of Aaron Richard, drone photographer and videographer out of Asheville, NC. Click on image to see more photographs from the shoot.


Do you have the GRIT it takes to thrive?

Angela Duckworth has developed a test for grit, that ubiquitous, necessary character trait that predicts future success. She moved from the classroom to the laboratory in order to study what makes people successful. Through her studies, Duckworth discovered that two main traits play a huge role- self-control and grit.

In my studies of entrepreneurs during the past year, I have heard many of the same character traits as Duckworth studies. Entrepreneurs tend to be born with extraordinary drive and commitment. I would venture to guess that they would test quite high in Duckworth’s grit test. I am looking forward to taking it to see where I fall in the continuum. Do you think you have grit? Take the test to find out! Continue…