Biggest Social Media Moments of 2012 Infographic

2012 was a standout year for social media. From huge events to record-breaking shares, likes, and repins, Facebook, Google+, Pintrest, Twitter, and YouTube combine in this infographic to chart out the changes and landmarks we saw in the social media landscape in 2012.

I always find these lists of the top moments of a year fun as I look back and see how many of these events I was aware of at the time. Did you see Psi’s video before it hit one billion hits breaking all the records? Did you adopt the Facebook timeline in 2011 and giggle when everyone started complaining in mass in January 2012?

Our social landscape and the events of our individual lives are tied up with and shared alongside these record-breaking events. They are a part of our culture and how we communicate. I, for one, don’t want to miss a beat in 2013!

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Infographic: Biggest Social Media Moments of 2012
Facebook Timeline, SOPA, KONY and President Obama’s re-election were just some of the big social media stories of 2012. See what else happened this year.

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