Best photographs of 2014

best photographs of 2014

From the Distractify list of best photographs of 2014, here is: “Physalia Physalis”- Matthew Smith

For me, photography is about travel and exploration, even when taking shots in my own home town. Using a camera and lens to capture something familiar in order to look at it a different way. Every year, I love to look through the National Geographic best photographs lists and although this particular one was published on, I love some of the images they chose to include, so I thought it was more than worthy of sharing.

There is something to be said about slowing down a moment in life long enough to focus your lens and check your exposure settings. This is one of the ways I like to explore life. The question is, how do you explore your world- do you prefer to hike or or go to concerts or stand behind a camera lens or something different entirely? No matter your preference, hopefully learning to shoot a manual camera will help you not only capture the world around you, but also take a few moments to explore it as well.

What exposure shows off the detail best? Does a short focal length or long one do the subject justice? What if you tried a different angle or lens or filter? Where will you capture your best photographs this year?

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  1. Want to meet somewhere and do a photo tour??