Article digging into the process of creativity: Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan is one of the great living creative minds.

Bob Dylan is one of the great living creative minds.

I really enjoy reading about how people with amazing creative minds do that magic that they do. This article combines the topic of creativity with one of my favorite musical geniuses, Bob Dylan.

When I think about the word prolific, there are a few musicians that come to mind immediately. Bob Dylan is one of them. With a career that spans over five decades, touring continuously through nearly all of them, and the release of almost forty albums, Dylan seems to be a never-ending fount of creativity.

I have seen Dylan live dozens of times across three decades now and every time I am amazed. He plays multiple instruments and never has the set list been the same twice. How can he have THAT MANY lyrics inside his brain?? Just thinking about it makes my brain hurt. On top of that, Dylan has re-invented himself more times than I can count (who can forget his gospel phase?).

Creativity doesn’t always come easily to me, but I love surrounding myself with that creative spark. Whether it is by participating in The DEN at Clemson, brainstorming with colleagues about new ideas for class activities, talking to entrepreneurs in the field, or reading about the lives and habits of top creative minds, immersing into creativity brightly colors the world around us!

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Bob Dylan on Sacrifice, the Unconscious Mind, and How to Cultivate the Perfect Environment for Creative Work
“People have a hard time accepting anything that overwhelms them.”

Van Morrison once characterized Bob Dylan (b. May 24, 1941) as the gre

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