A revolutionary ad with a hidden message

We’re all fascinated by the idea of a hidden message, everything from decoding what an artist meant to why a particular font was chosen. Each of these decisions are made with a specific reason, a specific message in mind that we hope to convey to our audience. But imagine, as a designer, being given this opportunity: being asked to create an ad that displayed an important message that only some people could discern. In this case an ad that looked one way to adults, but contained a secret message exclusively for children.

Abuse is an entirely different topic for a different day, but what if you could help someone without putting them at further risk? What if you could offer them resources and a means for changing their circumstances without the adult being any the wiser. Fascinating design challenge and one I know I would jump at the opportunity. A chance to make a difference and a chance to bury hidden messages in our work that can, and hopefully will be found.

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A revolutionary anti-abuse ad with a hidden message only children can see.

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