About Ignite Creatives

Erica Walker: web developer, designer, professor, learner

Dr. Erica Walker: web developer, designer, professional learner

Ignite Creatives was born after completing production on the feature film Reclaiming the Blade with Galatia Films in 2010 so I could continue to pursue online, video, and print development projects. Because visual media permeates nearly every moment of our days I wanted to delve into more diverse projects. My background in Graphic Communications includes feature film production, web design, entrepreneurship and graphic design for print. As a professor in the Department of Graphic Communications at Clemson University, I continue to learn in each of these industry areas.

At Clemson, I currently teach courses in Photography, Video, Web Development, & Entrepreneurship. I recently spent a year interviewing entrepreneurs in these areas. From that research, a new, unique online class was launched Summer 2014 focusing on Entrepreneurship in the Graphic Comm Industries (see promotional video below).

Outside the classroom, I speak at conferences across the country on a variety of topics including Adobe applications, curriculum development, mixed methods classroom research, the entrepreneurial mindset, game-based learning, color management, branding, and social marketing.

One of my current research projects focuses on classroom research where I work as an instructional designer in partnership with industry-expert, adjunct lecturers. The curriculum is designed to leverage the expertise of the adjuncts within a cognitive apprenticeship framework and measures the impact of using real world challenges to prepare graduates with epistemic frames and 21st Century Skills as they prepare to enter the industry.

In December 2016, I completed a Ph.D. in Curriculum & Instruction at Clemson University. My dissertation titled- Opportunities for Innovation: Games-based Learning in Engineering Senior Design- was published in a traditional format and online as a website with videos and open educational resources.

I am fascinated with how the web is constantly morphing. Specifically, how SEO, analytics, viral content, and social media can be used to leverage small business advertising dollars and garner attention on the national stage.

Ignite Creatives provides a creative outlet for continued exploration and development of websites, online marketing campaigns, and online video solutions for customers both locally and internationally. Contact me today if I can help you grow your online presence this year!

Guatemala missions trip: Introducing the kids to my video camera

Guatemala missions trip: Enjoying having helpers as I collect footage of the village.

Erica worked on a project of mine that required thinking outside the mainstream and was able to provide solutions from multiple angles that are incorporated into the business to this day. I would definitely recommend her for any web or graphic design work you may have.
— Brandon